Modacta comes in two plans a Free Plan and a Premium Plan.

As a user you can pick the plan that is best for you after your trial has expired.

Plan Comparison

Free 21-day full feature trial

Free PlanPremium Plan
Price$0 per user/month$50 per user/month
Feeds5 per ChannelUnlimited
Users3 UsersUnlimited
News AlertsGoogle and MediumGoogle and Medium
LayoutClean reading modeClean reading mode
Social SharingBufferBuffer
Text Markup Annotations and Highlights
TaggingTag teammates with @ handles
Save Library
Summary1-Click Article Summaries
Key Word SearchSearch via article key words


Modacta likely qualifies as a tax deductible expense. Learn more about (Section 179).*

*For all tax matters please engage with a tax specialist.